Environmental Services

Looking after the environment should be important to us all as without a healthy environment eventually it will affect even us humans in a catastrophic way whether we choose to believe this or not. As well as the moral argument there are some commercially beneficial arguments to getting greener;

At Willsmer Consulting we have a strong background in environmental management and can help your organisation to manage its environmental impacts and find practical solutions to help you reduce your impact on the environment and prevent pollution. Whether you want to put in place an Environmental Management System that is accredited to ISO 14001 (the international environmental management standard), want to calculate your carbon footprint or indeed want to put in place a ‘Get Greener’ action plan we can help you out.

The cost can also be inexpensive either providing you with an all in price or working on day rate basis both of which can be spread out over a monthly basis. Remember that we can also offer you simple and straight forward Competent Advice as part of our Competent Advice Package.

If you would like to learn more or need a risk assessment or method statement please contact us.