Method Statements & Safe Systems of Work

Whether you just need a method statement quick to cover a task, process or equipment or if you want a full review and update of your method statements we can help.

Off the shelf generic method statements

Through our extensive experience and knowledge we have built up a large library of generic method statements covering anything from installing ductwork through to pre-project surveying to the use of typical plant and equipment. The generics can be purchased for the low price and straight forward fee of £25 (+VAT) each including placing your logo and using your font requirements. For a list of the generic method statements available please click here.

On site method statements or standard operating procedures (safe systems of work)

Alternatively we can work with you to ensure that you have in place the safe systems of work you need for your organisation making them completely bespoke to the way you work and the processes and tasks you undertake. This includes working with you to put in place safe systems of work to help you manage that task or process and help to reduce your risk to an acceptable level. This could be for equipment you have purchased, new tasks or processes that you are undertaking.  

Project and site specific risk assessments and method statements

We also work with construction businesses including contractors and main contractors to help them put in place site specific risk assessments and method statements for the tasks and work they need to complete. Working with us on these project RAMS can be very cheap and take a lot of the hassle out of creating these documents when there can be some many other jobs you need to do especially given some of the relatively short turnaround times between getting the go ahead to start and the first day on site.  

If you would like to learn more or need a risk assessment or method statement please contact us .