Noise Risk Assessment & Management

Fire It’s been known for a number of years that loud tasks or machinery and plant can damage employees hearing. According to Health & Safety Executive Statistics there were 195 new cases of Noise Induced Hearing Loss in the UK in 2010 with the majority occurring in extraction, energy and water supply, manufacturing and construction industries.

The Control of Noise Regulations 2005 places a clear duty on employers to ensure that noise is assessed and depending on its level managed and controlled to avoid damage to the hearing such as noise induced hearing loss and tinnitus.  

 At Willsmer Consulting we can help if you think you might have a noisy environment, machine, or process by not only identifying if the noise levels are above the action levels or limits but more importantly help you do something about it and put in place a noise risk management system.

We have a number of trained noise survey assessors who are qualified to complete the assessments and a wealth of knowledge of how to reduce and manage the risk from noise including engineering techniques as well as softer measures such as employee training. The surveys are always completed with up to date equipment which is to the correct standard and calibrated so you can be assured that the data gained is as accurate as it can be.

Noise surveys can be completed for as little as £600 + VAT including the cost of hiring in the equipment and the write up of the report.

If you would like to discuss noise risk management or want a quote please contact us immediately and we can start to help you manage the risk.