Fire Risk Assessment & Management

Fire safety is important for any organisation to ensure the survival of both employees, customers and the organisation itself. The Association of British Insurers have reported that the cost of commercial property fire cost the UK economy £7 billion per year and with many businesses not recovering from a fire it is also commercially important to ensure that you can prevent and limit the risks from fire.

Undertaking a fire risk assessment is a legal requirement but just the starting point to ensure that you meet the main moral and legal requirements. The fire risk assessment is a tool which will then provide the plan to ensure you, your employees, customers and your

 organisations survival.

Fire risk assessments undertaken by Willsmer Consulting comply with the current standard PAS 79 – Fire Risk Assessment so you can be assured that they will meet your insurance provider’s recommendations and give you the comfort that it will be completed to the highest levels.

At Willsmer Consulting we have over ten years experience in health and safety including fire safety. As such we know that the fire risk assessment is just the first step and so we don’t simply just complete the assessment and leave you to resolve a list of problems but work with you and take you step by step through your plan and guide you through the hurdles that will ensure you meet the challenge of fire safety and manage it effectively therefore helping to reduce your insurance premiums as well as safeguarding your staff and customers.

The cost to complete a fire risk assessment depends on the size of your premises and the complexity of the tasks and processes you undertake but can be completed for as little as £400 + VAT.

The cost can also be inexpensive if you are a customer either working with us, for a price or for more information please contact us .